List of articles on energy issues

Developed a temperature adaptation model that aims to achieve both energy saving and comfort in the office Tokyo City University

 A research team led by Professor Rijal Hom Bahadur of the Faculty of Environmental Studies, Tokyo City University revealed the comfortable temperature of each season in the office, and it was pleasant […]

Social implementation of replacement promotion measures for energy-saving refrigerators such as the University of Tokyo

 The University of Tokyo, Japan Science and Technology Agency, Low Carbon Social Strategy Center, Shizuoka Gas Co., Ltd. has been focusing on households in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture since April 2015 […]

Discovering new principles in thermodynamics, "Efficiency and speed are incompatible" Keio University, etc.

 Research groups at Keio University, the University of Tokyo, and Gakushuin University are new to show "what can't be done" in the field of thermodynamics with a history of more than 200 years […]

Deliberative polls on nuclear waste have surged in favor of geological disposal

 In a deliberative poll on the theme of high-level radioactive waste conducted by the Science Council of Japan, high-level radioactive waste was buried deep underground […]

Chiba University of Commerce conducts energy-saving and energy-creating project "Cool and big strategy with sprinkling water"

As part of the "Energy Saving and Energy Creation Project", Chiba University of Commerce will start the power saving week action "Cool and cool strategy with water sprinkling [...]" from July 2016, 7.

Discovering bacteria that decompose and nourish PET Keio University and others for earth-friendly recycling

 Assistant Professor Shosuke Yoshida (current affiliation: Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University), Associate Professor Kenji Miyamoto, and Professor Emeritus Kohei Oda, Kyoto Institute of Technology […]

The University of Tokyo, Miyazaki University Efficient hydrogen production with sunlight

 A research group led by Professor Masakazu Sugiyama of the University of Tokyo and Professor Kensuke Nishioka of Miyazaki University has decided to produce hydrogen with the highest efficiency in the world using solar cells […].

Elucidation of the mechanism by which methane hydrate clogs the pipeline at the Okayama University supercomputer "K computer"

 The research team of Professor Hideki Tanaka of Okayama University has elucidated for the first time in the world the mechanism by which substances are adsorbed on methane hydrate.Heaven […]

Succeeded in power generation with ammonia such as AIST and Tohoku University

A joint research group of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Renewable Energy Research Center, and Tohoku University is a gaster that uses ammonia as fuel […]

Osaka Prefecture University, National Institute for Materials Science, Toward the Realization of a Hydrogen Society From Inexpensive Materials to Catalysts

 Professor Shigeo Mori of Osaka Prefecture University and the research team of the National Institute for Materials Science have jointly developed a new catalyst to be used when decomposing water.Iron, copper, power […]