Caffeine article list

Strong relationship between coffee and caffeine and dementia prevention, Niigata University surveys elderly Japanese

 A research group led by Professor Kazutoshi Nakamura of Niigata University Graduate School has found a relationship between the intake of middle-aged and elderly Japanese coffee, green tea, and caffeine and the risk of dementia […]

University of Tsukuba verified that drinking oolong tea during the day promotes fat burning during sleep

 A research group led by Professor Kaoruhei Tokuyama of the University of Tsukuba found that if you drank oolong tea or caffeine drink twice in the morning and noon for two weeks, you could burn fat for a day without disturbing your sleep […]

Discovered that male beetles who drank caffeine actively courted Okayama University

 Caffeine has the effect of activating dopamine, and it is known that we humans feel uplifted when we drink coffee.Even insects […]