List of articles on reproductive medicine

Fujita Health University to Open Advanced Medical Facility in Haneda in Fall 2023 to Meet Domestic and International Demand

 In the autumn of 2023, Fujita Health University will open a large-scale complex facility "Haneda Innovation City" in Ota-ku, Tokyo, adjacent to Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

World's first successful formation of human and monkey primordial follicles by in vitro culture Kyoto University

 A group at Kyoto University succeeded in generating primordial follicles, which are the source of eggs, in vitro in humans and cynomolgus monkeys.

AI support system for sperm evaluation of male infertility treatment Developed by Yokohama National University and Yokohama City University

 The research group of Professor Tomoki Hamagami of Yokohama National University Institute of Engineering and Associate Professor Yasushi Yumura of Yokohama National University Citizens' Medical Center is a male infertility […]

Azabu University Develops Efficient Vitrification Preservation Method for Immature Mouse Eggs

 A research team led by Professor Junya Ito of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Azabu University has succeeded in developing an efficient vitrification preservation method for immature mouse eggs. […]

Kyushu University and others identified the egg gene group and succeeded in mass production of egg cytoplasm

 A research group led by Professor Katsuhiko Hayashi of Kyushu University has identified a group of genes that form mouse eggs in collaboration with physics and chemistry research.Also, this […]

Juntendo University investigates non-regular, less than university graduates infertility treatment factors

 One in six Japanese women who started infertility treatment left their jobs, "non-regular employees", "less than college graduates", "no support at work", "infertility [...]

Infertility / recurrent pregnancy loss women, 15% postponed treatment for new corona

 Of women with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, about 35% became mentally unstable due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and about 40% reconsidered treatment, […]

"It is more advantageous for sperms to gather and swim" Elucidation of the cooperative swimming effect of sperms swimming while helping each other

 A research group at Tohoku University has clarified the effect of coordinated swimming, which increases the speed and efficiency of swimming by gathering sperm and swimming.

World's first successful delivery after uterine transplantation in non-human primates

 Groups such as Keio University, Tokai University, Shiga University of Medical Science, and Ina Research Co., Ltd. have performed uterine transplants for cynomolgus monkeys and are non-human primates […]

Light irradiation and genome editing technology that freely regulates pregnancy, developed by Keio University, etc.

 Associate Professor Tetsuo Maruyama of Keio University and Tomoka Takao (Assistant Professor of Okayama University) are collaborating with Professor Moritoshi Sato of the University of Tokyo on a blue LED (blue […]].