Researchers continue to recognize that the research environment of universities and public research institutes is extremely inadequate, and the recognition that basic research is inadequate is increasing. It was found in a fixed-point survey by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NISTEP).Among them, first-class faculty members and researchers consider that the decrease in research time is reflected.

 The survey was conducted from September to December 2017, targeting the heads of universities and national R & D corporations, management practitioners, faculty members, researchers, industry experts, and program directors of fund allocation organizations.Responses were received from 9 people, or 12% of all subjects.

 According to the report, when compared with the previous survey in 2016 using an index that converts the response results into points, most of the items are few in each field of young human resources development, research funding, government budget for science and technology promotion, and basic research. However, it became worse than the previous year, and the fact that researchers continue to be in a difficult situation emerged.

 In particular, the diversity of basic research to generate innovation has decreased by 0.33 points, the internal research expenses for conducting research and development have decreased by 0.23 points, and the efforts to secure research time have decreased by 0.21 points, and the environment surrounding research has not improved. Is shown.
Regarding research activities, 27% of all respondents pointed out a decrease in activity, and 1% cited more time spent outside of research during their working hours as the first cause.

reference:[National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] Publication of Comprehensive Awareness Survey on the Situation of Science and Technology (NISTEP Fixed Point Survey 2017) [NISTEP REPORT No.175, 176]

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