Benesse Corporation will open Be High School in April 2025, the company's first correspondence high school diploma support school. This was revealed by the parent company, Benesse Holdings, and requests for information are now being accepted through the website.

 In recent years, there has been growing interest in correspondence high schools as one of the many career paths available, but there are some aspects that make it difficult for students to study on their own after enrolling. Correspondence support schools support students in their promotion to higher grades and certification of graduation. The number of support schools run by major cram schools and preparatory schools has been increasing in recent years, including Kawaijuku COSMO, Sundai Correspondence Support School, and Tri-style High School, as well as TAC High School and Shuei NEO High School in April 2023, and Shuei NEO High School in 4. Gakken High Schools opened one after another in April. Benesse Group's UP Education Project is also opening ``UP High School'' (Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture) in April 2024.

 Benesse Holdings recently announced the opening of Be High School, which offers basic courses aimed at a variety of career paths, such as acquiring credits for high school graduation certificate and entering vocational schools after obtaining them, as well as basic courses for relearning basics and entering difficult domestic universities and overseas universities. We have a department for advanced studies aiming at Partnering high schools include Kumamoto Seiryo High School, a private correspondence high school in Minamiaso Village, Kumamoto Prefecture.

 The campuses will be located in 11 locations nationwide, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Students can choose between the ``commuting style,'' where they go to campus several times a week, or the ``online style,'' where they receive online support from a coach.

 Class teachers and learning support staff called "Akapen Mentors" work together to support each student, and they also utilize the Benesse Group's educational resources to advance their own learning, with the results of their activities being used for university entrance exams through comprehensive selection. Make use of it.

 Details of tuition fees and other fees will be communicated from the end of May through website updates and responses to requests for information.

reference:[Benesse Holdings] Benesse Corporation's first correspondence support school “Be High School” will open in April 2025 Correspondence support school operated by Benesse with “Shinkenzemi” and “Shinken Mock Test” A career path that suits each individual We provide a curriculum and individual support to help you find your goals and improve your academic ability to meet your goals (PDF)

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