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Tohoku University and Akita International University Partnership Agreement for Mutual Courses and Joint Research

 Tohoku University and Akita International University have campuses in the Tohoku region.

Promoting digitalization of university libraries, deliberation summary by the Science and Technology Council

 The Council for Science and Technology's Information Committee's Study Group on Ideal University Libraries in the Open Science Era is working toward the digitization of university libraries […]

Keisen Jogakuen University and graduate school to close, suspension of student recruitment after 2024

 Keisen Jogakuen Educational Corporation, which operates Keisen Jogakuen University in Tama City, Tokyo, will hold a board meeting and stop recruiting university and graduate school students after 2024 […]

11 National Universities in Kyushu/Okinawa form ``Kyushu-Okinawa Open University''

 11 national universities in the Kyushu and Okinawa regions, including Kyushu University, exchanged a memorandum of understanding for collaboration to improve research capabilities.The declining research capacity of Japan is a big problem […]

The new university study support system improves the enrollment rate of semi-eligible households

 Households with an annual income of 210 million to 370 million yen have increased their enrollment rate after the start of a new university study support system such as reduction of tuition fees and payment of scholarships […]

Chiba Institute of Technology issues degree certificate with NFT First university in Japan

 Chiba Institute of Technology, in collaboration with PitPa Co., Ltd., will issue NFT degree certificates to be awarded to graduates and graduates in 2022.About 1100 applicants […]

New goals for the Japan Science and Technology Agency and the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has set the strategic goals of the Strategic Creative Research Promotion Project of the Japan Science and Technology Agency in 2023, and the innovative advanced research and development of the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development […]

Japan-U.S. Education Commission Begins Recruitment of 2024 Japanese Fulbright Scholarships

 The Japan-U.S. Board of Education (Fulbright Japan) has launched the 2024 Fulbright Scholarship Program, a grant-type study abroad scholarship program by the Japanese and U.S. governments […]

40th anniversary of its founding, the Open University of Japan will renew BS television broadcasting in April 2023

 In April 2023, the Open University of Japan, which will celebrate its 4th anniversary since its founding, will reorganize BS TV programs with the aim of making broadcasting easier to watch and learn.

Chiba University Opens a Course for International Physics Olympiad Preliminary "Physics Challenge" Challengers

 The Chiba University Advanced Science Center is holding a course for challengers of the "Physics Challenge", which is also a qualifying round for the International Physics Olympiad.
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