List of articles on genome analysis

Elucidation of about half of newborn diseases of unknown cause by genome analysis

 Research teams such as Keio University, Osaka Women's and Children's Medical Center, Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Medical Center, Osaka City University, National Center for Child Health and Development […]

Keio University and National Cancer Center identify therapeutic targets for scirrhous gastric cancer by whole-genome analysis

 The National Cancer Center and Keio University have reported on ascites due to peritoneal dissemination for scirrhous gastric cancer, which is intractable and difficult to elucidate.

The prevalence of Gitelman syndrome in Japan may be much higher, estimated by Kobe University

 As a result of estimating the prevalence of "Gittelman syndrome" for each ethnic group using multiple genomic databases, the Kobe University group was Japanese […].

World's first analysis of the entire genome of Nori, Saga University in the Ariake Sea

 A research group led by Associate Professor Yukio Nagano of Saga University and Associate Professor Kei Kimura of the Faculty of Agriculture has solved the entire genome of Nori inhabiting the Ariake Sea […].

Genetic roots of the people of the Miyako Islands, unraveled by genome analysis Ryukyu University

 It is estimated that people living in the Miyako Islands, which consist of eight islands such as Ikema Island and Irabu Island, migrated from the Okinawa Islands at least 1 years ago. […]

The University of Tokyo elucidates the genetic population structure of Japanese people at the prefectural level

 Yusuke Watanabe and Mariko Isshiki (at the time of research) and Associate Professor Jun Ohashi of the Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo are Japanese about 11,0 […] at the prefectural level.

Evolution of carnivorousness due to gene duplication revealed by genomic decipherment of carnivorous plants

 It is estimated that carnivorous plants that attract, capture, digest, absorb and nourish small animals with their leaves have evolved independently during the evolution of the plant.Basic biology […]

Achieved through international collaboration, a cross-sectional and large-scale whole-genome analysis project for cancer reports the results

 Large-scale international collaborative research group "The ICGC / TCGA Pan-Cancer Analy […]" including RIKEN and the University of Tokyo

Shizuoka Prefectural University succeeds in developing technology for inexpensively producing L-amino acid oxidase

 The research team of Assistant Professor Shogo Nakano of the University of Shizuoka is based on the fifth science (science that combines theoretical science, experimental science, computational science, and information science) […]

Elucidating the genetic characteristics of Japanese height, high height may have been disadvantageous

 A joint research group of RIKEN and the University of Tokyo conducted genome analysis of about 19 Japanese people and identified 573 genetic variations related to height […].
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