List of articles of national symposium

+ R aims to build a “causal model” for local employment

 "University-based Regional Revitalization Human Resources Education Program Construction Project (COC + R)" held on February 2022, 2, nationwide in the 13rd year of Reiwa […]

Closeness to companies is a major strength in nurturing problem-solving human resources.

 Workshop 4 "Human Resources Development (also unique to the region [...]" is directly linked to the main theme of this time, "Producing Human Resources."

Innovation will be created by interacting with the university for the rest of your life, and you will move toward social retention.

 Workshop 3 […] was held under the theme of what innovation the university causes and how to establish it in the community.

Exploring the role of "regional zero carbon" for regional creation

 Workshop 2 is Okayama Prefectural University […], which is working on regional zero-carbon with Professor Shinshu University and Professor Mita Nakajima as facilitator.

It is an opportunity for students to connect with the university and the community to learn about local and social issues.Expand the skirt and produce human resources who are active in the area

What is innovation starting from the campus?It is clear that we should tackle the big social issue of carbon neutrality, but "Zero [...]

If the university plays that role, the future will be decided ── What is the importance of local ESG?

 The keynote speech at the COC + R National Symposium was given by Kenji Fuma, CEO of Neural Co., Ltd., "Local ESG, so far […]

Reiwa 3rd COC + R National Symposium “Producing” human resources from universities is the key to regional revitalization

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "University-based Regional Revitalization Human Resources Education Program Construction Project (COC + R)", the national symposium for the 3rd year of Reiwa, will be held in 2022 […]