List of articles on university funds

The Japan Association of National Universities, 7 Recommendations for University Research and International Competitiveness

 The Japan Association of National Universities is planning a "regional core and distinctive research university comprehensive promotion package […]" planned by the government to improve the research capabilities and international competitiveness of Japanese universities.

Outstanding University Support Law enacted in the Diet, from university fund to subsidy

 The government's "Law on Strengthening the System for Research and Utilization of Research Results of the International University of Excellence" (Act on Support of the University of Excellence) has participated […]

Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology at the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy

 On December 2021, 12, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Shinsuke Suematsu reported on recent education and science administration at the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy held at the Prime Minister's Office, and […]

2021 supplementary budget, emergency benefits for needy students 675 billion yen

 The government has approved a supplementary budget for 2021 centered on measures against the new coronavirus.The budget related to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is 1 billion yen […]

1,000 billion yen fund and financial management headquarters established, University of Tokyo new policy

 Teruo Fujii, President of the University of Tokyo, held a press conference at the Hongo Campus in Tokyo to establish a legal fund of 1,000 billion yen and the Financial Management Headquarters (tentative name […]].

World's highest level specific research university establishment, review meeting for the first time

 On September 2021, 9, the first meeting of the Review Conference to discuss the establishment of a specified research university (tentative name) with world-class research capabilities is online […]

University fund, long-term investment return target 3% 5 billion yen within 3000 years Investment profit presented at Cabinet Office expert meeting

 Government's comprehensive science and technology innovation […] about university funds that utilize investment profits to create universities with world-class research capabilities

2021 government budget, 10 trillion yen university fund established

 The government has drastically strengthened the research environment of universities and made bold investments in the fields of academic research and basic research, so the budget for 2021 will be up to 10 […].