List of articles on child development

Children's balance ability is likely to decline due to the new corona epidemic, Nagoya University survey

 A research group led by Professor Eiji Sugiura of the Graduate School of Nagoya University conducted a longitudinal survey of musculoskeletal checkups for children before and during the epidemic of the new coronavirus […]

Adults Misperceive Children's Acquisition of Cognitive Abilities as the Result of Learning

 A research group led by Assistant Professor Meng Xianwei of the Graduate School of Osaka University, in collaboration with the Center for Cognitive Learning at Rutgers University and Doshisha University, is working on children's color discrimination […]

Nihon University and Kao make it possible to measure ``children's visceral fat'' more safely and easily than CT examination

 Nihon University School of Medicine and Kao Corporation (Health & Wellness Research Institute) jointly developed a new method for measuring visceral fat in children without radiation exposure […]

The way Japanese children walk is different from that of children in other countries, surveyed by Nagoya University, etc.

 The research group of Nagoya University Graduate School, University Hospital, Aichi Prefecture Mikawa Aoitori Medical and Rehabilitation Center is the standard for walking of Japanese elementary school children […]

Exercise habits improve children's cognitive function International joint research with University of Tsukuba, Kobe University, etc.

 As a result of international joint research by University of Tsukuba, Kobe University, North Carolina University, University of Basel, Northeastern University, etc., cognitive function was originally […]

Impact of Augmented Reality Technology (AR) on Children Niigata University and Japan Women's University Verify

 With the spread of smartphones and tablets and advances in video technology, AR (Augmented Reality) is used […]

Children's media viewing does not affect perceptual bias and fine motor function Kio University et al.

 The research team of Associate Professor Satoshi Shinsako of Kio University, in collaboration with Mukogawa Women's University and Keio University, has a media viewing time for children in school age, mede […]