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Kyoto University elucidates that evaluation of children's cuteness changes with information on "what kind of personality"

 Assistant Professor Reina Takamatsu and Professor Takashi Kusumi of the Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University, and Professor Hiroshi Nittono of the Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University, have found that children's personalities […]

Tendency to think that new corona infection and movement restriction supporters are ``self-made''

 Professor Michio Murakami of the Osaka University Infectious Disease Comprehensive Education and Research Center, Professor Asako Miura of the Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University, Meo Yamagata, a doctoral student, Kei […]

Establishment of the "Faculty of Comprehensive Psychology" where students can learn from five specialized fields Demonstrating the power of psychology in fields such as business, education, and welfare

In April 2023, Kyoto Tachibana University will open a new Faculty of Comprehensive Psychology.Professor Toshio Shibata, who is scheduled to be appointed as the dean of the department, talks about the purpose of the establishment and the characteristics of learning […]

Japanese children who can put up with the food in front of them Is it derived from the "waiting" dining habit?

 International collaborative research groups such as Kyoto University, the University of Tokyo, and the University of California, Davis will eat after everyone is together, saying "I'll have it" […]

Approaching the challenges of modern society from both psychological and welfare perspectives to derive better solutions

Mukogawa Women's University, where 1 students, the largest number of women's colleges in the Faculty of Psychology and Social Welfare, study to realize a society where everyone can live comfortably. In April 2023, […]

Kyoto University's proposal that the bonds of society distorted by Korona-ka promote fear, prejudice, and conflict

 Makoto Chung, a researcher at the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, and Junya Fujino (doctoral student: at that time) have introduced the duality of social ties (Kizuna) to the new Coronau […].

Learn practical "psychology" in communication skills that will change society at Ryukoku University

Acquire communication skills based on psychology and develop human resources who can play an active role in the real world.

Psychology: Videophone interaction has been demonstrated to reduce creativity

Psychology: Video calls are shown to reduce creativity […]

The difference between power harassment and guidance is ambiguous Ryukoku University surveys 1000 bosses and subordinates of companies

 Ryukoku University, which is scheduled to open the Faculty of Psychology (tentative name) in April 2023 (under the plan to set up), will be a company […] for the new year from January 4 to 2022, 1.

Effective for improving attitude and competitiveness to solve stress

 When actions that try to solve the causes of psychological stress such as relationships within the team promote the growth of the team and individuals and lead to improvement of competitiveness […]
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