Niigata University of Health and Welfare will open the Department of Psychology and Health in the Faculty of Psychology and Welfare in April 2024.The unique feature of this program is that you can learn about the three psychological fields of basic psychology, clinical psychology, and exercise psychology at the same time, and learn about the psychology profession as a member of "team medical care/care" through collaborative education that takes advantage of the benefits of a comprehensive medical university.

 The Department of Psychology and Health is the only department in Japan that focuses on basic psychology (head) to understand humans as a species, clinical psychology (kokoro) to understand people in society, and human relationships with the body. This department allows you to simultaneously study the three psychological areas of the ``head,'' ``mind,'' and ``body,'' based on the three approaches of ``kinesiology (physical),'' which helps to understand the human body.By learning these three areas, you will be able to work in a wide range of fields, including planning and sales positions at general companies, psychological counselors, and mental trainers for sports teams, expanding your future options.

 In addition, Niigata University of Health and Welfare takes advantage of being a comprehensive medical university by introducing ``collaborative education,'' where students work in teams with students from other departments to learn practical ``team medicine and care.''Through this education, students will not only understand the role that psychologists can play in "team medical care/care," but also deepen their understanding of other professions that are required as members of "team medical care" in medical settings. .

 Additionally, students can learn about the psychology of athletes based on their own experiences from teachers who specialize in sports counseling.Taking advantage of the environment in which we are working to develop top athletes and coaches at a club designated to strengthen all 13 sports, we offer practical methods that support both the mind and body, such as sports mental training that helps improve competitiveness. to wear.

 Applications have been accepted since November 11st, and are accepted in four categories: Comprehensive Selection C Method/Comprehensive Selection D Method, School Recommendation Type (Open Recruitment System) Early Schedule, and Special Selection for Working Adults.Please refer to the university website for entrance examination information such as student recruitment guidelines.

<Department of Psychology and Health, Faculty of Psychology and Welfare>
[Enrollment capacity] 80 people
[Target qualification] Certified psychologist
*After graduation, students are required to take designated subjects at graduate school or have specified work experience.
*We are planning to establish a graduate school master's program in psychology in April 2028.
[Available qualifications] Certified psychologist, industrial counselor, social welfare director qualification
[Career path after graduation] Graduate school, local civil servant (psychological evaluator, child psychologist), national civil servant (national career general [human science], legal engineer [psychology], probation officer), psychologist, general worker (human resources) , sales, services, research, administration), etc.

Reference: [Niigata University of Health and Welfare] Department of Psychology and Health Special Site

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