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Cosmic ray imaging discovers Greek-era burial chamber in Naples underground ruins Nagoya University

 Through joint research by Nagoya University, the Institute of Materials and Systems for the Future, and the University of Naples (Italy), an unexplored Greek Era […]

Nagoya University and others identify the size and position of the unknown space in the Pyramid of Khufu with high accuracy

 A research group at the Graduate School of Nagoya University and the Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability […]

Yamagata University newly discovers 168 items of the World Heritage "Nazca Lines"

 A research group led by Professor Masato Sakai of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Yamagata University, is working on the "Land of Nazca" in Peru, South America, which is designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Proven by Kumamoto University and Hokkaido University, where grains were already cultivated during the Jomon period

 Professor Hiroki Obata of Kumamoto University Graduate School and Associate Professor Dai Kunikita of Hokkaido University Graduate School have already brought in grains such as rice and awa and cultivated them during the Jomon era. […]

Archeology: Restoration of inscriptions using artificial intelligence

Archeology: Restoring ancient texts using artificial intell […]

Archeology: Increased accuracy in dating the oldest human fossils excavated in Ethiopia

Archeology: More precise age for earliest known human fossi […]

Tonga in the 15th century was severely damaged by the tsunami, and a field survey was conducted at Kobe University, etc.

 Christopher of the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University […] that the 15th century Tonga was severely damaged by the meteorite that fell into the Pacific Ocean.

Archeology: Viking power expansion was associated with trade

Archeology: Viking expansion associated with trading […]

Kansai University / Masahiro Hori Laboratory Expands Search App for Excavated Items from "Hyakkatori / Furuichi Kofungun" and Produces Video Content

 Kansai University Faculty of Informatics, Masahiro Hori Laboratory has expanded the search app for excavated items from the world cultural heritage "Hyakkatori / Furuichi Kofungun" released in March 2021 […]
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