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What is the endoplasmic reticulum?Reveal the work of that wonder

Received numerous major international awards, including the 2009 Canada Gairdner International Award, the 2014 Lasker Basic Medicine Research Award, and the 2017 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences […]

"Sublingual immunotherapy" for Sugi pollinosis, predicting therapeutic effect by genotype Fukui University and University of Tsukuba

 Research groups at the University of Fukui and the University of Tsukuba have identified genotypes associated with the responsiveness of "sublingual immunotherapy" to Sugi pollinosis.This genotype […]

Health: Antitussives help improve heart abnormalities in mouse and human cells

Health: Cough medicine helps treat heart conditions in mice […]

Fukushima University analyzes the spread of pig genes, a wild boar crossed with a domestic pig that escaped after the earthquake

 The research group of Associate Professor Shingo Kaneko and Researcher Donovan Anderson of Fukushima University inhabits Okuma Town and Namie Town in Fukushima Prefecture and their surroundings. […]

Treatment of spinal cord injury with tadpole gene, Nagoya University succeeds in nerve regeneration in mice

 Is the research group of Associate Professor Atsushi Natsume of Nagoya University Graduate School a gene for a larva of Xenopus laevis (tadpole) with regenerative ability? […]

The University of Tokyo elucidates the genetic population structure of Japanese people at the prefectural level

 Yusuke Watanabe and Mariko Isshiki (at the time of research) and Associate Professor Jun Ohashi of the Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo are Japanese about 11,0 […] at the prefectural level.

Down's syndrome-related gene protects corneal opacity due to aging, discovered by Kumamoto University

 A research group led by Professor Kei Minami of the Kumamoto University Life Resources Research and Support Center has added a model mouse for Down's syndrome and hypercholesterolemia […].

No regional or ethnic differences were found in the genetic background of coronavirus infection

 As a result of comparing the seven genes involved in the new coronavirus infection from the database for each region / ethnic group, there is no difference between the regions / ethnic groups […]

Tohoku University and JAXA elucidate genes that stop age-related changes in space mouse research

 The research group led by Takashi Suzuki, a lecturer at the Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University, has been in collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for a long-term stay in space […].

Common mechanism between parasitic plants and "grafting" Nagoya University and RIKEN identify genes 

 A group from Nagoya University and the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research has succeeded in identifying the genes required when a parasitic plant parasitizes a host plant.
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