The Japan Association of National Universities has released a statement by Susumu Satomi (President of Tohoku University) who refutes the views on national university management that the Ministry of Finance has made at the Financial System Council.He said that the Ministry of Finance's perception is far from the financial situation of national universities, and is calling for an increase in operating expenses subsidies, which are basic expenses.

 According to the National University Association, the Ministry of Finance has been in the financial system subcommittee of the Financial System Council, regarding the financial situation of national universities since it became an incorporated administrative agency. Claims that support is increasing.Considering the compensation for the deficit in the affiliated hospital and the decrease in the number of enrolled students, he complained that the reduction of the operating cost subsidy does not correspond to the criticism that it is putting pressure on education and research activities.

 On the other hand, Chairman Satomi said in a statement that the Ministry of Finance's allegations are far from the reality of national universities, and that personnel expenses for faculty and staff and expenses related to basic research cannot be secured except for operating expenses grants. And counterargued.He pointed out that the reduction in operating expenses subsidies has led to a decrease in the number of full-time employees, mainly young people, and a decrease in enrollment in graduate school doctoral programs.

 Furthermore, the increase in income after incorporation is not only a competitive expense with public funds, but also a result of efforts to secure donations through industry-academia collaboration, etc., resulting in a significant increase in expense burden such as an increase in consumption tax rate and an increase in utility costs. , Each national university complains that it is struggling to reduce costs.Each national university will continue to make efforts to secure various financial resources, but it is the operating cost subsidy that supports the foundation of educational activities, and it is difficult to replace this with other financial resources. I want you to understand it correctly.

reference:[The Japan Association of National Universities] Statement regarding the views of the Ministry of Finance at the Financial System Council

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