Kansai University and the Kansai University Educational Support Association will offer a photo stand made by reusing droplet-preventing acrylic partitions used on campus as graduation commemorative gifts for undergraduate and graduate students graduating in March 2024. Give it as a gift.

 The students who will graduate in March 2024 entered the university in April 3, when the coronavirus pandemic began, and have spent most of their university lives under various restrictions, with no entrance ceremony held. As these students graduate, we will create a photo stand made by reusing a part of an acrylic board partition that is no longer in use to prevent droplets, as proof of the strong and robust university life that did not give in to the coronavirus pandemic. Give as a present as a souvenir.

 President Yutaka Maeda said, ``Instead of not being able to take a commemorative photo at the entrance ceremony, I hope that you will be able to smile and take photos with your friends, family, and people who have helped you at the graduation ceremony, which is the last day of your university life. I believe that university life has been very restrictive, but I hope that people can look back on their student life together with their personal growth by looking at the photos and thinking, ``There were some things that I gained because of the coronavirus pandemic,'' he said, expressing his special feelings for the graduates. .

 In addition, Masahide Yamamoto, chairman of the Educational Support Association, who helped present the photo stand, said, ``By using an acrylic board partition, which symbolizes the coronavirus pandemic, as the photo stand material, we hope that people will remember that there was a time like that. I feel that this is the perfect souvenir to leave behind in a visible way the bonds we have built with our friends while avoiding close quarters."

 This initiative is not only intended as a graduation souvenir, but also leads to the reduction of waste through resource reuse, with the hope that graduates will continue to be interested in SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). It is being Photo stands made of reused acrylic plates to prevent splashing will be presented to approximately 2024 graduates at the graduation ceremony to be held on March 3, 19 (graduate school: March 2024, 3).

Reference: [Kansai University] ◆ Kansai University recycles acrylic plate to prevent splashes as a photo stand ◆ “That thing” that blocked us is now a graduation souvenir! ? ~SDGs gift for 2020 students who were unable to hold their entrance ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic (PDF)

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