Keio University is a leader in the Japanese university world in the fields of education and research.Recently, students from other universities have also been accepted and attracted attention even in large-scale occupational inoculations [see column (XNUMX)].
Kohei Itoh, who became the head of the school with the idea of ​​"pursuing the ideal as a school" this spring, is a researcher of quantum computers, which is the world's most advanced technology, and has a long history of research abroad.In addition to educational DX, we asked about the outlook for Japanese universities in post-corona, where globalization is expected to accelerate further, focusing on the reforms promoted by Keio University.




What is a university and what is Keio's mission?

 The university is a place where you can meet lifelong friends and teachers, and I want to be a "starting point of a virtuous cycle of life" where the learning and experience there will lead to the future.Everyone who is currently aiming for a university will create a society 50 years from now, so I would like each and every one of you to recognize that mission as "your own thing" and experience the joy of creating a new society on your own. ..

 On the other hand, the accepting university is obliged to create a mechanism and prepare an environment for students to contribute to and contribute to future social design.In the words of Keio University's founder, Yukichi Fukuzawa, we have a mission to nurture "leaders of all society" * XNUMX.



 At Keio this summer, in parallel with vaccination, the students themselves formulated strict infection control measures and practiced and carried out activities at gymnasiums and circles, which was successful and escaped the fifth wave of infection. [Refer to column ②]

 I hope that these experiences will definitely be utilized when trying to solve energy and environmental crises in the future.

 From the standpoint of a private university, Keio has always aimed to be a healthy minority by overcoming it with the idea of ​​"company-wide cooperation" * 163 without asking the government for help even when it is in danger of management. We have made a difference.Now, XNUMX years after its founding, it has gained a certain position among universities in Japan, but it has become a symbol of a brand university that "getting a job there and preparing for the future". I want to avoid becoming.No matter what kind of pinch the society encounters, we will always be optimistic while assuming the worst scenario, and in a good way, we will involve the people around us to create a friendly society.I would like to bring back the goodness and original spirit of Keio again.

* XNUMX Yukichi Fukuzawa, the leader of the whole society, said in the "Purpose of Keio University" that he "wants to be the leader of the whole society, aiming to be a model of the source of elegance and wisdom." I wrote it down.
* XNUMX "Company" means all related parties such as faculty members, students, and graduates.


Column ① To regain campus life

Keio Vaccine Occupational Inoculation, which started on June 6, will be conducted by staff by September 21 due to operations such as the construction of reservation sites and collaboration between Keio University Hospital and related hospitals, medical departments, and their graduate organizations.・ We were able to inoculate 9 people * 15 such as faculty and staff.Vaccination requires a backup system that assumes the worst case, but the cooperation system with Saiseikai Central Hospital, which is close to the Mita campus of the vaccination site, made it possible.



 At that time, Keio University Hospital was in charge of responding to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, as well as corona and Shinjuku Ward, and was unable to allocate a large number of personnel. They were faculties, faculties of pharmacy and their OBs / OGs, doctors, nurses and pharmacists at related hospitals. "We are grateful to the Mita-kai (alumni organization) network and realized that we are being helped in this way," said the head of the school.

 At the start of vaccination, former hospital director and vaccination project leader Yumitsu Kitagawa said, "Vaccination is based on the person's will, is not compulsory, and is not discriminated against by not vaccination." As a preface, the side reactions were explained based on the results at the university hospital where about 4,500 people had already been inoculated (manufactured by Pfizer).On top of that, the head of the school stated his enthusiasm to "promote vaccination and regain campus life" (both by video message).It can be said that medical students also prepared a Q & A site * 2 for students, and the strengths of universities with medical systems were fully demonstrated.

* 1 Number of vaccinated people (2nd) 26,784 undergraduate and graduate students (including family members living with faculty and staff, contract staff, employees of affiliated companies) 7,473, other university students, etc. Including) 14449 people
* 2 School of Medicine Student Ambassador x Zenjuku Council Secretariat "New Coronavirus Vaccine Information Site for College Students"

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