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Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Project FY4 COC+R National Symposium

On February 2023, 2 (Saturday), Shinshu University will hold the COC+R National Symposium in FY4, a project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, in a hybrid format. […]

How to get people to choose sustainably produced beef?Analysis by consumer type

 In recent years, the livestock industry has been required to shift to a sustainable production method from the viewpoint of reducing environmental impact and improving animal welfare […]

Elucidation of the genetic mechanism that caused the non-spicy pepper ``shishito'' to lose its spiciness Shinshu University

 Mr. Fumiya Kondo of Shinshu University (2nd-year doctoral student, Laboratory of Plant Genetics and Breeding) found that the pepper cultivar "Shishito" has two genetic loci through genetic analysis […]

Achieving resource recycling for plastics centered on headache medicine ingredient aspirin Shinshu University

 Shinshu University's Akane Kazama (doctoral student) and Associate Professor Yasuhiro Kousaka discuss various […]

Shinshu University succeeds in measuring the respiration rate of reared horses without touching their bodies for the first time in the world

 A research group from Shinshu University, Mali Co., Ltd., and Kyoto University measured the respiration rate of horses in a standing state without contact […]

Although autonomy is difficult, life is fulfilling, and Shinshu University and others have long-term surveys of people with autism spectrum disorders.

 The joint research team of Shinshu University School of Medicine and Yokohama Rehabilitation Center (YRC) was identified by the age of 7 in an epidemiological survey of Yokohama City […]

A new saucer for companies is indispensable for human resources who are strong in change

COC business * which became "+ R" and reached the third stage.Now that the corona disaster continues, the situation surrounding regional revitalization and regional revitalization has changed significantly […]

Practical learning of government-academia collaboration that leads to the development of human resources for regional revitalization.Shinshu University "ENGINE" Program "Strategy & Research Literacy Seminar" Report

A professional who has been working since 3 in collaboration with Shinshu University, Toyama University, and Kanazawa University for the purpose of developing human resources who can lead regional revitalization […]

Be a “trigger” to transform the region. What are the results of "ENGINE internship"?

In a society with increasing uncertainty, the role required of universities is changing, and the population is declining these days.The challenges surrounding the region are extremely complex […]

+ R aims to build a “causal model” for local employment

 "University-based Regional Revitalization Human Resources Education Program Construction Project (COC + R)" held on February 2022, 2, nationwide in the 13rd year of Reiwa […]
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