Hokkai Gakuen University Article List

2017 Democratic Party split, defense policy disagreement has a big impact

 Research by Tomoko Matsumoto, Lecturer, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Tokyo University of Science, Professor Kentaro Yamamoto, Faculty of Law, Hokkai Gakuen University, and Associate Professor Hiroki Kubo, Faculty of Law, Meiji Gakuin University […]

Is misfortune "the result of daily activities" or "food for life"? Kinki University and others conduct comparative research in Japan and the United States

 About unhappiness Japanese people think that it is the result of their daily activities, and Americans think that unhappiness is also a source of life.Associate Professor Aya Murayama, Faculty of International Studies, Kinki University, Osaka University […]

"CLT Eston Block" developed by Shibaura Institute of Technology and others, put into practical use in seismic repair work of Owase City Hall

 Newly developed materials that Professor Yuji Ishikawa (Building Structure Systems Laboratory) of the Department of Environment Systems, Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology has been conducting joint research […]

Hosei University and Hokkai Gakuen University agree on credit transfer

 Hosei University and Hokkai Gakuen University have signed an agreement on student exchange for the purpose of credit transfer. On March 2019, 3, Hosei University Ichigaya Ka […]