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Tokyo Medical and Dental University and 10 medical and healthcare venture startups build an educational collaboration system

 At Tokyo Medical and Dental University, from 2022, students from all faculties will intern at a wide variety of medical and healthcare ventures and startups […]

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tamachi Campus large-scale redevelopment started

 In the large-scale redevelopment of land utilization planned by Tokyo Institute of Technology at Tamachi Campus in Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, NTT Urban Development, Ken Kashima […]

University-industry-academia collaboration in 2019, research expenses from companies increased by 10%

 Research funds received from private companies in 2019 by universities, junior colleges, colleges of technology, and inter-university research institutes nationwide are 10.0% of the previous year […]

Complete distance learning system for programming Developed by Nara Institute of Science and Technology

 Professor Kenichi Matsumoto and Associate Professor Takashi Ishio of Nara Institute of Science and Technology have developed a complete distance learning system that allows students to take classes and teach anywhere. […]

University of Tsukuba Venture Releases "Thesis Platform" for Computer Scientists

 Lavild Co., Ltd., a venture from the University of Tsukuba, published and participated in a paper for computer scientists on April 2020, 4 […]

Participation in the development of a new coronavirus preventive vaccine, a venture from Osaka University

 On April 2020, 4, the startup company "FunPep" (Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture) from Osaka University was co-operated by Osaka University and AnGes MG, Inc. […]

Japan Open Innovation Award, Kyushu University Entrepreneurship Department Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award

 Kyushu University Entrepreneurship Department wrote at the 2nd Japan Open Innovation Awards, which commends companies and organizations that have created innovation beyond organizational barriers […]

Support projects from the University of Tokyo and Kyushu University received the "University Venture Award 2019"

 The winners of the "University Venture Awards 2019", which commends outstanding university-launched ventures that are expected to play an active role in the future, have been announced.Held 6 years […]

University-launched venture, 2018 companies increased in 185 from the previous year

 According to a fact-finding survey by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the number of university-launched venture companies reached 2018 in 2,278, an increase of 185 from the previous year […].

Special Award at Nanzan University 2nd Grade Campus Venture Grand Prix Chubu Tournament

 Mr. Hajime Obata and Mr. Kota Nonoyama, 2nd year students of Nanzan University Faculty of Business Administration, are in the 2018 (16th) Campus Venture Grand Prix […]
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