List of articles on neurodevelopmental disorders

Tohoku University analyzes that paternal aging affects the vocal behavior of neonatal mice

 Neonatal mouse ultrasonic vocalizations function as social signals for vocal communication to induce maternal behavior, and human neonatal crying […]

Father's aging affects the onset of neurodevelopmental disorders in children, Tohoku University and others elucidate molecular mechanism

 A research group led by Professor Noriko Osumi of Tohoku University Graduate School, in collaboration with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Aichi Prefectural Medical and Rehabilitation Center, has a father's aging nerves […]

Discovered that the sense of motor subjectivity of children with developmental coordination disorder has changed. Kio University

 Associate Professor Satoshi Shinsako of the Neurorehabilitation Research Center, Kio University and others have developed developmental coordination disorder (Developmental C […]].