List of obesity articles

Web-based lifestyle improvement guidance is effective for weight loss in obese people, analysis by University of Tsukuba and others

 A research group from the University of Tsukuba, Kagawa Nutrition University, and Jumonji Gakuen Women's University is concerned with weight loss interventions through lifestyle improvement guidance provided on a web-based […]

Innate Immune Cells Remember Old Obesity: Negative Risk of Exacerbation of Neuroinflammation Even After Weight Loss

 Past obesity was found to be remembered by the innate immune system and negatively impact neuroinflammation later in life.Research by Kyoto University, Montreal University, etc. […]

Weight loss support by remote monitoring for sleep apnea patients, Kyoto University etc. demonstrate usefulness

 A joint research team centered on the Graduate School of Kyoto University and Nihon University is conducting remote monitoring for obstructive sleep apnea treatment […]

Obesity in women under the age of 45 has a lower risk of breast cancer, according to a study by the University of Tokyo

 A research group led by Takaaki Konishi (Doctoral Program in Medicine) of the University of Tokyo graduate school analyzed the data of about 45 women under the age of 80 in Japan, and found that […]

Psychology: Many adults do not correctly recognize their BMI and body size

Psychology: Many adults inaccurately perceive their own BMI […]

The stress adaptation response of fat cells reduces the appetite for a high-fat diet and improves obesity.

 Researchers at the University of Tokushima and RIKEN have found that activation of integrated stress response pathways in adipocytes suppresses a high-fat diet, resulting in obesity […].

Discovered by Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, a protein that causes overeating and obesity when deleted in the brain

 A team study at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University found that a protein called "XRN1" is involved in the regulation of appetite and obesity. […]

Kitasato University analyzes the factors that are likely to become more severe with the new corona infection from medical data in the United States

 The research team of Assistant Professor Ko Ando, ​​Assistant Professor Takeshi Horii, and Assistant Professor Takayuki Uematsu of the Medical Center Research Division of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kitasato University has joined the new Coronawi […].

Increases fat burning when eaten "Muffins that are hard to gain weight" developed Josai University

 Assistant Professor Katsuhiko Yajima of the Department of Nutrition and Physiology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Josai University, is an original "hard to gain weight" containing lipids with an increased proportion of unsaturated fatty acids […]

Obesity due to high-fat diet promotes thinning hair and hair loss Elucidation of mechanism such as Tokyo Medical and Dental University

 The team of Professor Emi Nishimura (also a professor at the University of Tokyo) of Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Assistant Professor Hironobu Morinaga is Michigan University and Tokyo University of Science […]