List of articles on alopecia

Obesity due to high-fat diet promotes thinning hair and hair loss Elucidation of mechanism such as Tokyo Medical and Dental University

 The team of Professor Emi Nishimura (also a professor at the University of Tokyo) of Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Assistant Professor Hironobu Morinaga is Michigan University and Tokyo University of Science […]

Discovery of stem cell division program that determines hair follicle regeneration and aging Tokyo Medical and Dental University

 According to a research group at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, the regeneration and aging of hair follicles, which are organelles that grow hair, are determined by the type of stem cell division […].

Kinki University activates the control tower of hair growth with the extract of "Enmeisou", the active ingredient of hair restorer

 A research team from Kinki University and Kaminomoto Honpo Co., Ltd. discovered that the extract of the crude drug "Enmeisou" has the effect of activating dermal papilla cells.