List of articles on agriculture

Josai University Faculty of Economics, Katsuura Seminar Helped Harvest About 5,200 Apples in Nagano City

 From October 2022th to 10th, 8, the Nobuyuki Katsuura seminar of the Faculty of Economics, Josai University, which is involved in the “Nagano City Apple Farmer Support Project”, will be held at high school […]

Proven by Kumamoto University and Hokkaido University, where grains were already cultivated during the Jomon period

 Professor Hiroki Obata of Kumamoto University Graduate School and Associate Professor Dai Kunikita of Hokkaido University Graduate School have already brought in grains such as rice and awa and cultivated them during the Jomon era. […]

Sweet potatoes that grow even in lean land, may be attracting useful microorganisms to the rhizosphere

 Research groups at Nagoya University and Hiroshima University have made it possible for sweet potatoes to grow even in lean lands by controlling the microbial fauna of the rhizosphere. […]

Elucidation of "premature ripening" of wild deer that ate agricultural products, expectation for damage countermeasures

 A research group of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, in collaboration with Forest Research and Management Organization and Chuo University, has announced that the maturation of wild sika deer is accelerated by the foraging of agricultural products.

Developed environment-friendly next-generation fertilizer that enables farming in poorly alkaline soil

 A groundbreaking fertilizer has been developed that allows crops to grow normally on poorly alkaline soils, which occupy about one-third of the world's land.Tokushima University, made in Aichi […]

Collecting and utilizing the awareness of agricultural workers Development of the first voice tweet system in the agricultural field

 The research group of Professor Naoshi Uchihira of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Buta Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. (Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture) are the first agricultural crops in the agricultural industry […]

A method to know the harvest time of soft fruits without touching, developed by Shibaura Institute of Technology and Hokkaido University

 A research group of Professor Naoki Hosoya (Department of Mechanical and Functional Engineering, Faculty of Engineering) of Shibaura Institute of Technology in a joint research with Professor Ichiro Kajiwara of Hokkaido University Graduate School […]

5 species of bumblebees shrink domestic habitat due to climate change Estimated by citizen participation survey

 Of the six bumblebee species that play a major role in pollination of crops and wild plants, the habitat of five species is shrinking due to the effects of climate change. […]

Kinki University artificially creates chlorophyll, photosynthesis is also "inverted" that does not exist in nature

 A research group led by Professor Kao Saga of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Kinki University artificially created "inverted chlorophyll" that does not exist in nature […]

Common mechanism between parasitic plants and "grafting" Nagoya University and RIKEN identify genes 

 A group from Nagoya University and the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research has succeeded in identifying the genes required when a parasitic plant parasitizes a host plant.
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