List of meal articles

Long working hours worsen sleep and diet and adversely affect mental health

 It is said that long working hours adversely affect mental health, but sleep deprivation and irregular diet due to long working hours are not the overtime itself, but men […]

Meiji University and others have developed a technology that makes the salty taste about 1.5 times that of electrical stimulation and makes the low-salt diet delicious.

 A research group led by Professor Yoshiaki Miyashita of Meiji University, in collaboration with Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd., is an electrical stimulating wave that enhances the taste of low-salt foods […]

Dementia affected by tooth loss, male interaction with humans, female intake of fruits and vegetables, Tohoku University survey

 A research group led by Professor Ken Kosaka of Tohoku University found a significant association between tooth loss and the onset of dementia, and the association was a friend […].

Human daily energy consumption changes dynamically throughout life Elucidated by international joint research

 Large-scale research on the energy required for human life activity has so far been related to basal metabolism (minimum amount of energy required for life support) […]

Ingestion of soybeans and isoflavones during pregnancy is effective in reducing the risk of behavioral problems in children

 A collaborative research team led by Ehime University and attended by the University of Tokyo and Ryukyu University found that intake of soybeans and isoflavones during pregnancy has a low risk of child hyperactivity […]

Missing Supper Increases Obesity Risk, Osaka University Follows 2 Students

 It is known that if you do not eat breakfast every day, the risk of obesity increases, but the risk of obesity increases as much as you tend to miss dinner, Osaka University […]