List of articles on food allergies

Meiji University develops a taste and appearance converter for milk to crab cream croquette

 Professor Yoshiaki Miyashita of Meiji University has developed a device that changes the taste and appearance of food and drink.In the experiment, you can safely experience milk even if you are allergic to shellfish […]

Annual household income of pregnant women is related to allergic diseases of children, Yamanashi University Eco-Chill Survey

 Bronchial asthma and atopic dermatitis increase when the annual household income of pregnant women is lower than the average, and food allergies increase when the household income is higher than the average.

Kiwi may develop allergies even if it adheres to the skin, Kinki University identifies the causative substance

 Not only when kiwi is ingested by mouth, but also when it adheres to the skin, it produces allergy-related antibodies and may cause the onset of allergies […]

Discover a new test method for food allergies using urine that is safe, secure and accurate

 The group of Director Yukihiro Oya of the National Center for Child Health and Development Allergy Center and Associate Professor Yukihisa Murata of the University of Tokyo Graduate School is a food array […]

Chiba University and others elucidate a part of the mechanism of food allergy treatment

 The research group of Associate Professor Yosuke Kurashima (Graduate School of Medicine) of Chiba University Graduate School, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, is the only treatment for food allergies, but that […]