A study by Serina Kinugasa et al. In the master's program of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kinki University, which produces allergy-related antibodies not only when Kiwi is ingested by mouth but also when it adheres to the skin, and may cause the onset of allergies. The group found out.

 According to Kinki University, the research group applied kiwi extract to the back of the head of mice and found that two allergy-related antibodies against kiwi protein were produced four weeks later.When we investigated the allergens recognized by the antibody, we found that it was a protein called "kiwellin."

 Since kiwellin is different from substances known to be allergens when taken by mouth, it has become clear that efforts aimed at reducing the risk of allergies with kiwellin will be necessary in the future.

 It is thought that allergy develops when an antibody is produced against a causative substance that has invaded the body and reacts with the antibody when the substance invades again.Until now, food allergies have been considered to occur only when ingested by mouth, but it has become clear that they can also occur by invading through the skin that has lost its barrier function.This is called transdermal sensitization.Although many studies have been conducted on foods that cause transdermal sensitization, little is known about fruits.

Paper information:[Food & Nutrition Research] Kiwifruit defense protein, kiwellin (Act d 5) percutaneously sensitizes mouse models through the epidermal application of crude kiwifruit extract

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