List of articles on iPS cells

Milbon and Osaka Public University confirm hair growth effect ingredient using new method using human iPS cells

 In order to search for hair growth ingredients, Milbon Co., Ltd. conducted hair growth research using human iPS cells and using increased expression of hair-related genes as an indicator.

Hiroshima University and others point out the possibility that human brain tissue produced in vitro can be legally regarded as a ``person''

 A research group at Hiroshima University, Kyoto University, and Taipei Medical University believes that brain tissue prepared from human pluripotent stem cells will be legally considered a “person” in the future […]

Kyushu University announces transplantation of cardiomyocyte sheets made from iPS cells for the first time in Kyushu

 Kyushu University Hospital will transplant cardiomyocyte sheets made from iPS cells to patients with severe ischemic cardiomyopathy in mid-January 2023 […]

World's first iPS cells established from domestic endangered birds such as Yanbaru rail

 A group centered on the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Iwate University, the Institute of Raptor Medicine, NPO Animal Hospital Okinawa, and Gifu University has independently developed […]

Succeeded in developing a mini-intestine with immune function, expected to be applied to treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and drug discovery

 The research groups of the National Center for Child Health and Development, Tokyo Agriculture University, and Hirosaki University Graduate School have stated that the highly functional "mini-intestine" with the immune function of the intestinal tract […]

Keio University elucidates the mechanism of improving from spinal cord injury by transplanting iPS cell-derived neural stem cells

 A research group led by Professor Eiyuki Okano of Keio University has transplanted human iPS cell-derived neural stem / precursor cell transplantation into spinal cord injured mice […]

Keio University confirms that stimulation of transplanted cells derived from human iPS is effective in treating spinal cord injury

 A research group led by Professor Hideyuki Okano of Keio University transplanted human iPS-derived cells into spinal cord injured mice and used "artificial receptors" […].

Kobe University creates cells that make androgens from iPS cells, and is used for the treatment of male menopause

 A research group led by Professor Takayuki Aoi of Kobe University Graduate School has Leydig […], which produces a male hormone (testosterone) from human iPS cells.

Kyoto University and others transplant human iPS cell-derived tendon cells into rats and confirm functional recovery

 Kyoto University and the Japan Medical Research and Development Organization have induced differentiation of tendon cells from human iPS cells and transplanted them into rats with Achilles tendon rupture to confirm functional recovery […]

Osaka University Discovers Genes That Disturb Normal Brain Development in Children with Down Syndrome

 A research group led by Dr. Keiji Kawatani and Associate Professor Koji Kitahata of Osaka University Children's Hospital has applied genome editing technology to human iPS cells and is down […].
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