The number of subscribers to the YouTube channel "Kyoto University Open Courseware", where the Kyoto University Research and Development Center for Higher Education posts various lectures and related information, exceeded 10, and the Silver Creator Award (Silver Shield) was awarded from YouTube. obtained.

 According to Kyoto University, Kyoto University Open Courseware provides videos and lecture materials for classes, public lectures, and international symposiums held at Kyoto University. About 6,400 videos have been published on the YouTube channel, and the number of lecture contents is 1,081 in Japanese and 244 in English, for a total of 1,325.The total number of views of the channel reached about 2,300 million times, and the total playback time reached 633 million hours.

 The videos are not only for Kyoto University students and faculty members, but also for a wide range of subjects, including high school students aiming to enter Kyoto University and working adults who are thinking about re-learning.Popular uploaded videos include lectures by Kyoto University faculty members, such as a special class for high school students by Honorary Director Shinya Yamanaka of the iPS Cell Research Institute of Kyoto University, as well as lectures by outside lecturers, such as a lecture by actor Ken Watanabe at the Graduate School of Management. There are many videos that have been viewed more than 100 million times.

reference:[Kyoto University] The number of subscribers to the Kyoto University OpenCourseWare YouTube channel has exceeded 10, and the number of subscribers has exceeded XNUMX, earning the Silver Creator Award (Silver Shield)

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