A research group consisting of JAXA, Nagoya University, etc. has succeeded in elucidating the mechanism of aurora pulsation from the results of computer simulation and analysis of observation data by the small high-performance scientific satellite "Reimei".

 Aurora is a phenomenon in which electrons falling from space emit light when they enter the atmosphere along the magnetism of the earth.Some aurora, pulsating aurora, blink every few seconds, but until now it was unknown why this blink occurred.

 "Reimei" is an artificial satellite that can photograph the electrons that are the source of the aurora at the shortest time interval in the world. By analyzing the observation data from "Reimei", we discovered that the electrons that create the pulsating aurora are greatly affected by the electromagnetic waves that are flying in space.When the electromagnetic waves of the universe are converted into sound waves, they sound like the chirping of birds, so they are called the chirping of the universe or chorus.In response to this, we analyzed the influence of electrons from electromagnetic waves on a computer and succeeded in elucidating the mechanism by which the pulsating aurora blinks. "Reimei" is also equipped with a device for observing electromagnetic waves, and it is expected that the properties of the chorus will be elucidated in the future.

 To see the aurora, you have to go to a country with high latitude and cold, which is a great difficulty.If you can see the real thing with your own eyes, it will be immeasurable.At that time, if you can think about the mechanism of the aurora, you may be able to get a deeper impression.

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