Aiming to be a person who has true courage and intellect and can open up the future

Nagoya University is a comprehensive university with 9 faculties, 13 graduate schools, 3 affiliated research institutes, nationwide joint usage, and 5 joint research centers.Through creative research activities, he explores the truth and produces some of the best intellectual achievements in the world.Through educational practices that emphasize spontaneity, we are developing courageous intellectuals who are rich in logical thinking and imagination.

List of faculties / departments
Department of literatureHumanities Department Capacity 125 people
Faculty of EducationDepartment of Human Development Science Capacity 65 people
Faculty of LawLaw and Political Science Department Capacity 150 people
Faculty of EconomicsDepartment of Economics Capacity 140
Department of Business Administration Capacity 65 people
Faculty of InformaticsNatural Information Department Capacity 38 people
Department of Human and Social Informatics Capacity 38 people
Computer Science Department Capacity 59 people
Faculty of ScienceMathematical Sciences Capacity 55 people
Department of Physics Capacity 90 people
Chemistry Department Capacity 50 people
Department of Life Sciences Capacity 50 people
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Capacity 25 people
Faculty of medicineMedical department capacity 100 people
Department of Health Capacity 200 people
Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemistry and Biotechnology Capacity 99 people
Department of Applied Physics Capacity 83 people
Material Engineering Department Capacity 110 people
Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering Capacity 118 people
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Capacity 150 people
Department of Energy Science and Engineering Capacity 40 people
Department of Environmental Civil Engineering and Architecture Capacity 80 people
Faculty of AgricultureDepartment of Bio-Environmental Science Capacity 35 people
Department of Bioresource Sciences Capacity 55 people
Department of Applied Life Sciences Capacity 80 people

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code464-8601
AddressFuro-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
DepartmentEducation Promotion Department Entrance Examination Division
Phone number052-789-5765

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List of articles of Nagoya University

Developed by the University of Tokyo and Nagoya University, making it possible to evaluate the amount of CO2 captured and fixed in cement materials from the air

 A research team consisting of Professor Ippei Maruyama of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering and Professor Minami Masayo of the Space-Earth Environmental Research Institute of Nagoya University is conducting research on concrete and other materials.

The circadian rhythm stops at low temperatures, resets the time and restarts when rewarmed.

 A research group at the Life Creation Research Center/National Institute for Physiological Sciences is conducting joint research with Nagoya University and Hokkaido University to investigate the approximately 24-hour rhythm in the brain (roughly […]

Nagoya University discovers that natural ingredients extracted from eggplant stems inhibit the growth of cervical cancer cells

 A research group at Nagoya University has discovered 9-oxo-octadecadienoic ac, a natural compound found in the calyx of eggplant.

Elucidating the susceptibility to EGFR-mutant lung adenocarcinoma in non-smokers

 A joint research group consisting of 19 institutions across the country*, including the National Cancer Center, has determined that individual differences in genes that determine susceptibility to lung adenocarcinoma are not […]

Nagoya University and others discover the key to newts' ability to regenerate tendons by comparing them with mice

 The research group, including Fumiya Sato, a master's degree student at Nagoya University Graduate School (at the time of the research), was comprised of Hiroshima University, Hokkaido Chitose Rehabilitation University, […]

List of articles of Nagoya University