At Kansai University, major bookstores "Maruzen Yushodo" and "Kinokuniya Bookstore" and "100 books to give to new students" by the president of Kansai University were selected. Guide about 2023 new students in April 4 and call on the importance of reading.

 "100 books for new students" is a unique book-reading enlightenment project of Kansai University that started with the idea of ​​​​"wanting to put the brakes on young people's lack of reading."This year will be the 6th year.In addition to 20 books recommended by President Yutaka Maeda, it consists of 40 books each recommended by Maruzen Yushodo and Kinokuniya Bookstores, and about 100% of the 8 books are provided as e-books that can be accessed at any time.Books that are not available as e-books can be viewed and lent out at the libraries on each campus.In addition, the books for this project were arranged with the cooperation of the Kansai University Education Support Association, which is a parent association, and are positioned as gifts from parents to children.

 Kansai University has held a variety of events related to "100 books for new students" in the General Library and other venues. In 2022, we will set up "100 Omikuji", and although it is a simple plan to write information on one of the 100 Omikuji, it is popular that you can get a random book in a field that you are not familiar with. 1 people used it in a month.In addition, in November, a lecture will be held as a project to delve deeply into one book from 1 books. Keisuke Uyama, the author of "Sunflowers are the Form of Love", shared with students his thoughts on reading and his thoughts as an author.

Reference: [Kansai University] ■ 100 recommended books in collaboration with a major bookstore and the president of Kansai University ■ Announcement of "100 books to give to new students" (2023 edition)-Kansai University's own reading awareness project, which will be in its sixth year this year- ( PDF)

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