Josai University Educational Corporation, which runs Josai International University, has obtained a patent for a chemical that protects olive trees from insects that cause feeding damage.The inventors, Professor Atsushi Mitsumoto and Associate Professor Yamazaki Laboratory of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Josai International University, developed a behavior observation device for olive weevil.We have clarified that several types of natural products exhibit repellent effects, leading to the acquisition of this patent.

 Togane City, Chiba Prefecture, where the main campus is located, has been working on olives as a specialty product for about 10 years.At Josai International University, about 100 seedlings donated by the city are grown on campus, students help farmers harvest, and students design packages for Togane olive oil. Collaborating with the city across borders.In addition, we donated crowns made from olive leaves to municipal elementary school marathons and other events, compiled leaflets on the health benefits of olives and distributed them to municipal elementary and junior high schools for food education. Olives are playing a role in Josai International University's contribution to the local community, such as opening a lecture on getting familiar with olives.

 Professor Mitsumoto and others are presiding over these olive-related activities as the “Olive Producing Region Support Project,” and as part of this project, they have begun full-scale work on olive component analysis from 2020.We heard from city officials and producers that feeding damage caused by the olive weevil, an insect endemic to Japan, was a major factor in hindering the growth of olives in Japan. I felt that I was lacking.

 Therefore, Professor Mitsumoto and his colleagues conducted their own research and discovered that several kinds of environmentally friendly natural products have a repellent effect on the olive weevil.It is expected that the practical application of the patented chemical will significantly reduce the labor required for cultivation management, and will greatly advance olive cultivation in Togane City and Japan.

Reference: [Josai International University] Development of a chemical that protects olive trees from pests;

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