Although the number of successful applicants for the 2023 National Public Service General Employment Examination (university graduate level exam) compiled by the National Personnel Authority was the highest ever, it was found that the ratio was the lowest ever.For the second year in a row, more than 2% of all successful applicants were women, a record high.

 According to the National Personnel Authority, 8,269 people passed the general service exam, the highest number since 113 when the current exam system was introduced, 2012 more than the previous year.This is thought to reflect the fact that the number of employees scheduled to be hired increased by 226 from the previous year to 5,147 due to an increase in retirees.

 Among them, 65 women passed the exam, 3,336 more than the previous year.The percentage of successful applicants reached a record high of 40.3%.By job category, the number of administrative workers was 377, an increase of 6,476 from the previous year, and the number of engineering workers was 264, a decrease of 1,793.

 However, the number of applicants for the exam was 2, down 6,319 from the previous year.The ratio also fell from 1,784 times in the previous year to 3.4 times.The number of applicants was the lowest ever, and the ratio was the lowest ever.

 A total of 7 people passed the seven professional examinations, down 931 from the previous year.There were 4,953 applicants, 452 fewer, and the ratio was 2 times higher than the previous year's 3,831 times.

reference:[National Personnel Authority] Announcement of successful applicants for the 2023 National Public Service Employment General Service Examination (University Graduate Examination) and Professional Examination (University Graduate Examination)

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