The University of Yamanashi Prefecture has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to open a master's program in the Graduate School of Human Welfare Studies, majoring in human welfare studies, and has decided to start it in 2024.This is the nation's first graduate school specializing in child abuse issues, training high-level human resources who will be responsible for child care and counseling services.

 According to the University of Yamanashi Prefectural University, the Graduate School of Human Welfare will specialize in studying the effects of abuse and neglect on children, as well as the characteristics of abusive parents and families.Specially appointed professors will be experts in clinical psychology, child psychiatry, and child and family welfare, and faculty members from the Faculty of Human Welfare will also provide guidance to students.

 1 students in 5 grade. Applications will be accepted for the first round of entrance exams in 2024 from October 1th (Tuesday) to October 10th (Tuesday), and the exam will be held on October 10th (Saturday).Targeted at students who are planning to graduate from Yamanashi Prefectural University and current childcare workers who have graduated from junior colleges, the classes will generally be held on weekday nights and Saturdays so that they can study while working.Training at child guidance centers and children's homes is also planned.

 After graduating from graduate school, students are expected to not only support children and their families at certified childcare centers and nursery schools, but also to build comprehensive support in collaboration with institutions in a variety of fields, including education and medical care. It will be done.

 Prevention of child abuse has emerged as an important issue, but it is said that sufficient measures are not being taken due to a lack of human resources with specialized knowledge.The University of Yamanashi Prefecture is expected to play a leading role as the first graduate school in the nation.

 In response to the decision to open the Graduate School of Human Welfare, a kickoff event will be held on October 10st (Sunday) at 1:13 pm at the University of Yamanashi Prefectural Iida Campus in Iida, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture.In addition to a lecture by one of Japan's leading researchers on abuse issues, there will also be an overview of the graduate school.

reference:[University of Yamanashi Prefecture] “Graduate School of Human Welfare” to be opened in April XNUMX!

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