Hokkaido Medical University has concluded a basic agreement with Kitahiroshima City and Fighters Sports & Entertainment (FSE) to relocate its headquarters and campus in Tobetsu Town, Hokkaido to Hokkaido Ball Park F Village in Kitahiroshima City.The move appears to be aimed at moving to an area more advantageous in attracting students, and it is likely to have an impact on the future of Tobetsu Town, which has relied on the existence of a university, as well as the fate of the JR Satsunuma Line, which was spared from abolition because of the university.

 According to Hokkaido Medical University, the basic agreement states that Hokkaido Medical University, Kitahiroshima City, and FSE will work together based on a common basic philosophy of realizing the attractive urban development of F Village.Eiji Suzuki, chairman of Higashinihon Gakuen Educational Corporation, which operates Hokkaido Medical University, commented, ``The relocation will lead to stronger academic and daily life support for students.''

Hokkaido Medical University was established in 1974.Initially, there was a campus in Onbetsu Town (now Kushiro City), but in 1985 it was integrated into Tobetsu Town.Currently, there are six faculties, including the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Pharmacy, with approximately 6 undergraduate students enrolled.However, due to Hokkaido's declining population, the Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Nursing and Welfare, and Faculty of Psychological Science are below capacity.

Tobetsu Town has a population of approximately 1, of which approximately 5,000 are students of Hokkaido Medical University, and the presence of the university has supported the community.The relocation of the university has already been revealed, and the impact is already being felt, with the construction of a complex planned in front of Tobetsu Station on the JR Sassuma Line being canceled.

Furthermore, while most of the 111.4km section of the JR Sassuma Line between Soen and Ishikari-Numata was abolished, only the 28.9km section between Soen and Hokkaido Medical University was kept in consideration for use by students commuting to university. Yasuyuki Watanuki, president of JR Hokkaido, said at a press conference that ``we have no plans to abolish the line at this point,'' but since the section was dependent on student use, it is likely that a debate will develop over whether or not to abolish it in the future. .

reference:[Hokkaido Medical University] Regarding conclusion of basic agreement regarding Hokkaido Ball Park F Village joint town development

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