Sophia University will offer an entrepreneurship training course in cooperation with Sparks Group Co., Ltd.A total of 2023 sessions will be held from November to December 11 for all undergraduate students who wish to start a business.Sparks will consider investing up to 12 million yen for attractive startup ideas. This course supports students in their challenges.

 Sparks Group is the first independent management company to be listed on the stock market in Japan, and has received high praise from fund rating agencies around the world.In this entrepreneurship training course, the company's venture investment staff will serve as mentors and guide the students.Students will systematically study entrepreneurship and deepen their understanding of the basics of investment, finance, and marketing.We will also be working on a program where participants will have the opportunity to interact with people with experience in starting a business, and experience the process of turning a business idea into reality, such as formulating a business plan and sales strategy.The number of universities that are working on entrepreneurship education is increasing, and this course will establish a system to specifically support students who are serious about starting a business, such as considering investment of up to 1,000 million yen for attractive ideas.

 This course is based on the voluntary participation of students who are interested in starting a business, and is not a course that provides credits.At Sophia University, where all faculties including the sciences are integrated on one campus, a wide variety of students with various specialized fields and different grades participate in courses with a common interest in ``entrepreneurship'', creating an innovative and innovative environment. It is expected that new ideas will be generated.

Reference: [Sophia University] An entrepreneurship training course will be held where you can experience the start-up process

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