The University of Tokyo has signed an industry-academia collaboration agreement with Canon Medical Systems, a major precision equipment manufacturer.This is a first for the University of Tokyo's medical field, and as medical needs become more sophisticated and diverse, we aim to realize the medical care that society will demand in the future.

 According to Canon, the collaborative creation project will combine the University of Tokyo's wide-ranging knowledge and clinical experience with the Canon Group's medical system technology.We will consider the use of clinical data in medical care and the realization of mathematical biological models to support medical decision-making, as well as promote individual research on each disease that contributes to the realization of well-being.

 The environment surrounding the medical field is fraught with many issues, such as the declining birthrate and aging population, changes in the disease structure, aging of medical personnel, and rising medical costs.The demands of patients and their families regarding medical care are also becoming more sophisticated and diverse. There is.

 This collaborative creation project aims to achieve well-being by addressing both the needs of citizens and the creation of social value provided by future medical care.

reference:[Canon Inc.] The University of Tokyo, Canon, and Canon Medical Systems sign an industry-academia collaboration agreement. The University of Tokyo aims to realize the medical care demanded by future society through the first industry-academia collaboration agreement in the medical field.

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