The International Institute for Advanced Study (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture, President Teruhisa Ueda, Director Hiroshi Matsumoto), whose basic philosophy is to "research what to research for the future and happiness of humankind," will be established in March 2024. For two years starting in February, we will hold the ``National 3 QUESTONS,'' an anonymous research poster presentation competition that digs deeper into research themes that transcend fields, organizations, and generations. The first one will be held at Hiroshima University for four days from March 2rd to 3th, 1 as "Nationwide 2024 QUESTONS China Region Edition".

 On ``National 3 QUESTONS'', research themes are posted ``anonymously'' regardless of the field, eliminating preconceived notions that tend to judge the content only by the name of the specialty or organization name, and allowing students to understand what their research is in the first place. We aim to create a place to deeply ask questions, encounter ideas we never thought of, discover technologies we didn't know about, and create collaborative research that transcends fields and organizations.

 Research poster posters are targeted at teachers, researchers, and graduate students affiliated with local universities and research institutes, as well as technical college students. Those wishing to participate should fill out the four items in the poster application form and submit it along with an image. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis or until noon on Monday, February 4th. Anyone can visit and post comments, including companies, governments, citizens, and high school students.

 To hold the conference, we will collaborate with local news organizations to display posters with the issues and requests of each region, and post sticky notes with responses to participating researchers from that region. These will be compiled into a booklet after presentations are held in each region and widely distributed to universities, ministries and agencies, local governments, the media, and others.

<Nationwide 3 QUESTONS China region edition> Executive school: Hiroshima University
Date and time: March 2024rd to 3th, 3, 6:10 to 19:12 (starts at 18:XNUMX on the first day, ends at XNUMX:XNUMX on the last day)
Venue: Hiroshima University Higashi Senda Campus Regional Collaboration Floor SENDA LAB
Target of posting: Faculty members, researchers, graduate students, and technical college students affiliated with universities, research institutes, and technical colleges in the China region.
Application requirements: ① Poster title: “The Mystery I’m Pursuing (≒Research Theme)” (within 47 characters)
     ②What mystery are you chasing? (250-300 characters)
     ③What have you done so far and what are you planning to do? (250-300 characters)
     ④What do you want to ask everyone? (200 characters)
Number of themes: 100 (first come first served, free publication fee)
Posting deadline: First 100 entries or noon on Monday, February 2th
Visitor participation: Anyone including the general public, companies, government, media, etc. (free)

Reference: [International Institute for Advanced Study, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation]Nationwide 3 QUESTONS [China region]
[academist] Anonymous research poster presentation competition regardless of field will be held in 9 districts nationwide! (Crowdfunding)

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