In April 2024, Ibaraki University is envisioning the establishment of an educational organization equivalent to an undergraduate school, the “Regional Future Co-Creation Interdisciplinary (provisional name)”.

 The “Regional Future Co-Creation Interdisciplinary Initiative” (provisional name) aims to develop practical human resources who will take on the challenge of solving regional issues and creating new value through cross-disciplinary learning centered on business and data science. purpose.The three faculties of Ibaraki University, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Agriculture, will be established based on the system of interfaculty interdisciplinary courses, which are educational courses that transcend the boundaries of faculties. The curriculum is structured around the classes of

 A "problem-oriented type" that allows students to choose their own subjects related to social issues they have a strong interest in A major feature of this course is the interdisciplinary curriculum, and through learning at university and practice outside the university, students will enhance their expertise in line with the solution of social issues that they themselves are pursuing.Enrollment capacity is 3 people.A bachelor's (academic) degree is conferred upon graduation.

 The core of learning is social entrepreneurship, business, and data science.Social entrepreneurship is an attitude of proactively taking on challenges as a party to solving social and regional issues while collaborating with others. Develop attitudes, knowledge and skills that contribute to

 In addition, we have introduced a “co-op education (long-term paid training)” that allows students to put into practice the knowledge and skills they have learned at university while working for local companies and local governments.By learning while actually touching on-site issues such as companies, we cultivate high practical ability and problem-solving ability backed by specialized knowledge.

 In addition, the “Regional Future Co-Creation Interdisciplinary Initiative” (provisional name) has the concept of “creating with the region, nurturing with the region”. We will build a co-creative education system that continuously produces human resources capable ofDetailed information on the curriculum and selection method will be announced on the Ibaraki University website and elsewhere as needed.

Reference: [Ibaraki University] In April 6, we are planning to establish the “Regional Future Co-Creation Interdisciplinary (provisional name)”! 

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Rooted in the land of Ibaraki, our goal is to contribute to a sustainable society and continue to produce excellent human resources.

Ibaraki University was established in 1949 (Showa 24) by integrating Mito High School, Ibaraki Normal School, Ibaraki Youth Normal School, and Taga Technical College.As a community-based university, we aim to contribute to the promotion of local education, research, art, culture, and industry, and to continue to produce talented human resources in the local and international communities […].

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