Of the companies conducting industry-academia collaborative research, only 1,000% are conducting large-scale research in which companies spend more than 3 million yen, according to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy. I found out in the survey.Insufficient provisions for sharing intellectual property rights with universities are also considered to be a factor, and it is necessary to urgently develop provisions.

 The survey extracted 5,761 companies from the NISTEP company name dictionary and distributed questionnaires.We analyzed the responses of 571 companies that can be analyzed.According to the report, 3% of companies have conducted industry-academia joint research with universities in the past three years.Larger companies with 46.4 or more employees and a capital of 1,000 billion yen or more are more active in research on industry-academia collaboration. By industry, the manufacturing industry accounts for 10%, which is much higher than the non-manufacturing industry for 56.2%.

 Of the companies that conducted industry-academia collaborative research, 1% started large-scale research of 1,000 million yen or more.Just half of them used the matching fund business (* 30.2) related to the country.

 In terms of business development, companies tend to choose low-risk partners, but if it is a matching fund related to the country, 32.5% will collaborate with companies that have connections with university faculty members. He showed a positive attitude.

 Regarding the sharing of intellectual property rights with universities, 19.0% of companies mentioned that their research results will be presented at academic conferences, and there are concerns that it will take time to certify the inventor and it will be difficult to adjust the patent application time. Shown as material.Resolving these concerns is considered essential for promoting large-scale research in the future.

* 1 Matching fund business A system in which citizens, companies, governments, etc. provide funds to each other.It is used to support joint research between universities and companies and the practical application of research patented by university researchers.

Source:[National Institute of Science and Technology Policy] Publication of "Survey Research on Management of Large-Scale Industry-Academia Collaboration" [DISCUSSION PAPER No.127]

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