Many students work as RAs (Research Assistants), TAs (Teaching Assistants), Research Assistants, etc. on campus at Waseda University, and are called "Student Jobs".
 In the spring of 2015, students engaged in various student jobs on campus established a committee called "SPEC" to promote student participation activities, saying "I want to be involved in university reform with the power of students."

 Participating in the SPEC are "RA (Resident Assistant)" who supports the university life of new dormitories at Waseda University's International Student Dormitory (WISH), where Japanese students and international students live, and students who are blind or deaf. Nine organizations involved in student jobs, including paid volunteers from the "Student Support Office for Persons with Disabilities" who read textbooks during lectures, and "Kouhai Navi" staff who support new students from how to register for courses to advice on studying abroad. There are a total of 9 students in the organization.
 At the same university open campus held on August 2015st and 8nd, 1, the talk event "WASE Talk", which was the first project of SPEC, was held. Representatives of each organization participating in SPEC learned through student jobs and discussed what they were able to grow and the difference between SPEC and circles, as well as a public discussion "I really want to ask Waseda students" where SPEC members answer questions from high school students. "Tokoro" was also held.

 In the future, at SPEC, we would like to make plans and proposals that will lead to university reform through student participation activities that can only be done by SPEC, which is different from circles.

Source:[Waseda University] Toward university reform through student participation activities SPEC, first plan at open campus

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