List of articles on industry-academia collaboration

Joshibi University of Art and Design establishes "Co-creative Design Department" in April 2023, promoting practical learning such as industry-government-academia collaboration projects

 Joshibi University of Art and Design will establish a new Department of Co-Creation Design in April 2023. For four years from the 4st year to the 1th year, an industry-government-academia collaboration project […]

NEC and Keio University to commercialize future CO2 emission reductions through disaster prevention and mitigation as financial products

 NEC (NEC) and Keio University have established a “potential carbon credit” company to build a decarbonized society through open innovation […]

Laser aerial display that can also be used for disaster prevention, Osaka University to commercialize

 A research group led by Professor Kazuhisa Yamamoto of Osaka University is making use of the characteristics of lasers and combining them with drones to create groundbreaking and innovative aerial […]

Shimadzu Corporation opens a research and development base in Nagasaki City, for joint research with Nagasaki University and Nagasaki Prefectural University

 On January 2023, 1, Shimadzu Corporation, a major analytical instrument manufacturer, signed a research base location agreement with Nagasaki Prefecture and Nagasaki City.Infectious disease control […]

Josai University Commercializes “Golden Kabosu Yokan” Using Local Specialties as a Cross-Faculty Collaborative Project

 Josai University (Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture, President Yozo Fujino), Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Medical Nutrition, Assistant Professor Junta Ito, is an advisor and belongs to a sports nutrition circle.

Developed the world's first technology that allows amateurs to share the fine tactile sense of craftsmen

 NTT DoCoMo, Inc., Keio University Graduate School, and Nagoya Institute of Technology Graduate School have announced that in January 2022, NTT DOCOMO will develop human senses on the Internet.

Robot delivers medicine to hospitalized patients Gunma University Hospital, NTT East, etc. Demonstration experiment

 Gunma University and NTT East Japan, medical equipment Yuyama, IT system Uru Systems, and medical equipment PHC will start from January 2023, 1.

Finger dexterity in the elderly is affected by peripheral nerve function Kansai Medical University

 In considering the health condition of the elderly, it is important whether daily activities can be performed smoothly.In daily life activities, putting on and taking off clothes and using chopsticks […]

Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology and Japan DMC jointly research a real-time sharing system for people's location information

 In October 2022, Shizuoka Institute of Technology collaborated with Japan DMC Co., Ltd. on a real-time sharing method for human position information on 10D point cloud data […]

Biodegradable Polyester and Intestinal Bacteria Succeeded in Suppressing the Pathology of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Azabu University, etc.

 Through joint research by Daikan Nagane, a lecturer at the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Azabu University, Takumi Sato, a professor at Tokyo University of Technology, and Nippon Petfood Co., Ltd., polyhyd […]
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