The ``Marketing and Media Research Seminar'' (professor Keiko Yashio) of Toyo Gakuen University's Faculty of Contemporary Management will be holding a seminar in February 2024 as part of an industry-academia collaboration project with Tokyo Dome Co., Ltd., which operates ``Tokyo Dome City Attractions.'' From the 2st (Thursday) to March 1st (Sunday), ``Let's watch a movie and take a quiz! ~A student collaboration project to brighten up the cold winter~'' is being held.

 This industry-academia collaboration project started in June 2023 with the goal of ``proposing events, campaigns, and promotions that will encourage university students to visit'' centered on ``Tokyo Dome City Attractions.'' Continuing from the Christmas event in December, this project will feature heartwarming short films (running time approximately 6 to 12 minutes) selected by Yashio Seminar students that will be screened at three locations in Tokyo Dome City until the end of March.

 The Ferris wheel ``Big O'' is also one of the three screening locations, and a short film of about 3 minutes will be shown during the 1 minutes that the Ferris wheel makes one revolution. Six films will be screened at three locations, and if you collect the hints that appear after the movie ends and answer the quiz correctly, you will receive a prize that will make you feel warm.

 This time, the seminar students took the lead in everything from proposing a project to selecting a movie, shooting a video, and creating a quiz project, which is in keeping with Toyo Gakuen University's emphasis on "Project Based Learning (PBL: problem-solving learning)." It was a big success.

<Watch the movie and take part in the quiz! ~Student collaboration project to brighten up the cold winter~>
Period: February 2st (Thursday) - March 1st (Sunday)
Location: Inside the Ferris wheel “Big O” gondola/LaQua Garden Stage/Avenue Event Vision
Time: Approximately 11 times between 21:5 and XNUMX:XNUMX *The Ferris wheel “Big O” follows the business hours
Fee: Ferris wheel “Big O” usage fee: 850 yen / 2 other places free of charge
Present distribution location: Information (in front of Tokyo Dome Gate 22)

Reference: [Toyo Gakuen University] Yashio Seminar x Tokyo Dome City industry-academia collaboration project second round! Short films selected by students will be shown on the Ferris wheel and large monitor (PDF)

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