On March 2023, 3 (Monday), Toyo Gakuen University co-sponsored with TOKYO FM's popular program "SCHOOL OF LOCK!", An inquiry learning event for junior high and high school students "Creation Academy 'Sakana LOCKS! Editing and directing' in Toyo Gakuen University” will be held.

 In high school, from 2022, "Comprehensive Inquiry Time" will be introduced as a class in line with the new course of study. We are implementing a new high school-university collaboration project to support inquiry learning and guidance of high school teachers.

 As part of this, an event will be held jointly with the popular radio program "SCHOOL OF LOCK!" (TOKYO FM/JFN, 38 stations nationwide) for junior high and high school students.The theme is ​“Sakanana LOCKS! and editing and directing”​.The lecturer is Dr. Hertz, the radio director who is in charge of the sound technology of the program project "Sakanana LOCKS!".Participants will receive an explanation of how to create the sound of a radio program, and then experience radio editing and production using a narration prepared for this day by Mr. Ichiro Yamaguchi of "Sakanaction".

 The number of recruits is about 20 people.Participation fee is free (transportation expenses are paid by yourself).Those who wish to participate (lottery) must apply in advance.The application deadline is Friday, March 3th.For application and event details, please check Tokyo FM "SCHOOL OF LOCK! Creation Academy".

 Toyo Gakuen University will continue to deepen its cooperation with each high school as a “supporter university of inquiry”.

reference:[FM Tokyo Co., Ltd.] Creation Academy “Sakana LOCKS!and Editing and Directing” in Toyo Gakuen University

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