On August 2022, 8, Tokiwa University held a high school-university collaboration event with Tokiwa University High School, “Faculty of Nursing Experience Class.”

 The “Faculty of Nursing Experience Class” was held to embody the career development of Tokiwa University high school third-year students who aspire to become nurses.On the day of the event, in addition to the lecture "Learning Nursing at Tokiwa University," participants had a round-table discussion with senior students, and experienced mock classes and exercises (Health Assessment I).

 Dean Sakama of the Faculty of Nursing took the podium for the lecture "Learning Nursing at Tokiwa University."She introduced the faculty and explained the significance of studying nursing at university and the attractiveness of nursing.In a round-table discussion with her senior students, two fourth-year students from Tokiwa University High School participated remotely.I answered various questions from high school students about why I chose the Faculty of Nursing, what I think was good about studying at Tokiwa University, studying for entrance exams, university life, classes and practical training, transportation methods, etc.

 Simulated classes and exercises are held in the training room. From the 2nd year spring semester course "Health Assessment I", I experienced listening to breath sounds and heart sounds using a stethoscope.One student commented, "It was fun to experience the actual class."

 Tokiwa University will continue to hold various projects such as open campuses and one-day pre-nurse experiences to convey the appeal of nursing and Tokiwa University's Faculty of Nursing.

Reference: [Tokiwa University] High school-university collaboration event with Tokiwa University High School: Nursing Faculty Experience Class 

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