On August 2021, 8, Tokiwa University held the Tokiwa University Open College "High School Students x SDGs" course for high school students in Ibaraki Prefecture, where the campus is located.President Keiko Tomita, who was involved in the formulation of SDGs indicators at the United Nations, served as a lecturer, and 4 high school students from the prefecture participated.

 President Tomita, who is still a member of the United Nations Expert Group on International Migration Statistics, was involved in the development of SDGs indicators during his tenure.Therefore, we started "Tokiwa de SDGs" to deepen the understanding of SDGs among Tokiwa University students and to act toward the realization of a "leave no one behind" society through research and educational activities. .. Joined the United Nations Academic Impact in September 2019, aiming to solve various problems facing the international community in collaboration with higher education institutions and international organizations around the world. We have announced that we will work on it.

 "High school students x SDGs" is a part of that, and we asked current high school students who became members of society in 2030, the year of achievement of SDGs, to understand the basic idea of ​​SDGs, and each one asked "How SDGs". I asked them to think about "Is it possible to get involved with" and "What kind of future can I envision?"

 High school students first learned about 2030 goals to be achieved by 17, 169 targets, the background to the adoption of the SDGs, and the details and relevance of each goal.Also, in a video sent to the world by the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, all children can be educated and go to school, everyone can live in good health, have equal opportunities, and tackle environmental problems to protect the earth. I learned such things.

 After that, the high school students were divided into groups and enjoyed the SDGs Sugoroku "Go Goals!" I wondered if there was a possibility of changing it.

 The high school students who participated said, "It was very easy to understand because I had you explain 17 goals carefully and there were problems that are happening around me." "I am glad that I was able to enjoy increasing my knowledge by using sugoroku." Was asked.

Reference: [Tokiwa University] President Tomita's high school student x SDGs course was held

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