List of faculties / departments
Faculty of Human SciencesDepartment of Psychology Capacity 90 people
Education Department Capacity 66 students
Department of Contemporary Sociology Capacity 90 people
Communication Department Capacity 70 people
Department of Health and Nutrition Capacity 80 people
Faculty of Policy ManagementDepartment of Business Administration Capacity 85 people
Department of Law and Administration Capacity 75 people
Comprehensive Policy Department Capacity 85
Faculty of NursingNursing Department Capacity 80 people

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code310-8585
Address1-430 Miwa, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Department NameAdmission center
Phone Number029-232-0007 / 029-232-2504

Scholarship information
Scholarship nameSubjectof peopleSalary / loan
Academic scholarship student
20 people[Reduction] 50 million yen
Description of the icon
Formation... Scholarships for students with excellent academic performance  Through... Scholarships mainly for financial supporters  Input... Scholarships for students with excellent entrance examination results  Out... Scholarships for people from designated areas  Capital... Scholarships for qualification holders  etc.... other scholarships such as extracurricular activities 
* This scholarship information is based on the questionnaire that was answered by September 2021, 9.

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Tokiwa University article list