Tokiwa University participated in the "Japan-Ukraine University Pathways" program, which accepted Ukrainian students who had no choice but to leave their homeland due to the Russian military invasion. In September 2, Ms. Sophia Mashchenko, who was hired through the program, came to Japan and started her life at Tokiwa University.

 Sophia Mashchenko (commonly known as Sonya) graduated from Kyiv University in July 2022, majoring in Japanese and philology.She came to Japan with her ambition to become a regular organizer of events in Ukraine in the future that can convey the deep nuances of Japanese culture.

 On September 9, President Keiko Tomita and Vice President Fumie Murai (in charge of international exchange) met.Since President Tomita is supporting the company and the university as a whole, she sent an ale that she would like to challenge various things and connect them to her future dreams.Furthermore, the President of the Mito Rotary Club handed over a special scholarship for Ukrainian refugee students and support funds from the club's volunteers, and Sonya expressed her surprise and gratitude.

 In addition, when accepting Sonya, daily necessities and household goods were provided by Pan Pacific International Holdings, which operates "Don Quijote" with the cooperation of Ibaraki Prefecture.In addition, SoftBank Group Corp. and SoftBank Corp. provided smartphones to Ukrainian refugees free of charge.

 Sonya will be enrolled as an international student in the fall semester of Tokiwa University, which starts on September 9rd. In addition to taking courses for international students, she plans to take regular undergraduate courses together with Japanese students, taking advantage of her high Japanese language skills. .She has already started interacting with Japanese students staying at the International House (international dormitory) and international student buddies, and has high expectations for her future classes and activities inside and outside the school.

Reference: [Tokiwa University] Accepting Ukrainian Refugee Students 

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