On January 2023, 1, Tokiwa University held a symposium to consider local councils and dual representative systems.At the symposium, students from the seminar of Professor Tsutomu Yoshida of the Department of Law and Administration gave presentations on research on local government administration, and a panel discussion was held with experts on local government.

 What motivated the seminar students to study local government administration was a student's interest in the battle between the mayor and assembly of Akitakada City, Hiroshima Prefecture, which he saw in an online article. I want to hear the story."Since it is close to Professor Yoshida's specialty, I have expanded it over the past year to conduct a questionnaire survey of prefectural residents, a nationwide survey of chairpersons, and interviews with the Ibaraki Prefectural Assembly and Yokohama City Council.

 At the symposium, students from Yoshida's seminar introduced the case of Akitakada City, Hiroshima Prefecture, where the mayor and assembly are at odds, in front of more than 200 spectators.Seminar students visited the site and interviewed the people involved, and proudly announced the results of what they had learned about local government administration over the past year.

 In the panel discussion on the theme of "What is the ideal dual representation system?", Mito City Mayor Yasushi Takahashi, Prefectural Assembly Chairperson Kunichi Ishii, Kasama City Assembly Vice Chairperson Katsuyuki Uchioke, Toride City Assembly Deputy Secretary Hironobu Iwasaki, and Mr. Sachiko Osawa, representative of Ibaraki Production, who participated as a citizen of the prefecture, exchanged opinions.

Reference: [Tokiwa University] Held a symposium on "Mastering the dual representative system!" 

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